Tussey Teaser #0 - 13th Annual Colyer 'Sno Big Deal 10k: Results | Recap

Tussey Teaser #1 - 20th Annual Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K: Results | Recap

Tussey Teaser #2 - 20th Annual Tussey-Whipple 11 Miler

Tussey Teaser #3 - 19th Annual Beidleheimer Sidewinder 10K/20K

Tussey Teaser #4 - 19th Annual Treaster Kettle Test-Your-Mettle 10.6 Mile Run

Tussey Teaser #5 - 10th Annual Eager Seeger Half-Marathon


Tussey Teaser 0: Colyer 'Sno Big Deal 10k

It was 11 degrees at the start of this race, which normally includes a romp on snow and ice on the turnaround section on Boal Gap Road, but mild temperatures leading up to race day left that section bone dry for this kickoff run of the 2023 Tussey Teasers Series. No one was ice fishing on Colyer Lake. 
A local greyhound pet, Queen, was available for a brief meet and greet before the start, with her owner, Karen Dabney. Proceeds from the events of 2023 hosted by the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK support the work of Nittany Greyhounds to re-home retired greyhounds. With its full-time kennel located in Port Matilda, the group has successfully rehomed nearly 2,000 greyhounds nationwide since its founding in 1997.
Kenneth Farnsworth led in the climb to the turnaround point, but was overtaken by Adam Berger for first, with Winter Parts first nonbinary and third overall. Kaylee Frederick took first in the women’s category finisher, with Diane Swauger less than a minute back and Crystal McNeal placing third.
Several runners bettered their times over last year, including Doug Shunk and Mark Lozinski (6+ minutes off),  were Jason Sammut (over 1 min), Diane Swauger (nearly 5 minutes off), Brent McNeal (3 minutes off) and Crystal McNeal (2 minutes off).
Two donations totaling $60 were made to support Nittany Greyhounds. Thanks to those donors!
The next run of the six-event Tussey Teasers series is the Laurel Run Switchbacker 10K, an out-and-back race set for March 4, with start and finish at Tussey Mountain. For the series schedule, driving directions, and a link to the event waivers, visit the Events page. All six runs of the series are free and include timing and some random prizes.
Your donations of gently used running shoes will be accepted at each run for Sneakers4Good, a program that supports micro-entrepreneurs in communities and countries around the world.

 group start

The bold group at the start on a frigid day


Queen the Greyhound out to cheer on the runners 


Adam Berger heads toward victory after taking the lead near the course turnaround.


Michael Palumbo, Doug Shunk, Mark Lozinski and John Iceland enjoy a gentle descent section on Boal Gap Road


3 winners: Kaylee Frederick, Winter Parts, and Adam Berger pose with the spoils of victory after taking top honors in the women’s, nonbinary, and men’s categories


Marvin Hall regales in the festive scenery along Boal Gap Road on the way back to Colyer Lake 

Place First


City St Gen Age Time
1 Adam Berger State College PA M 27 42:18
2 Kenneth Farnsworth Boalsbug PA M 32 42:45
3 Winter Parts State College PA NB 25 44:24
4 Michael Palumbo State College PA M 27 44:44
5 Doug Schunk State College PA M 41 45:02
6 Mark Lozinski Port Matilda PA M 51 45:07
7 John Iceland State College PA M 52 45:15
8 Reid Berdanier State College PA M 34 47:12
9 Kaylee Frederick Johnstown PA F 18 49:15
10 Diane Swauger State College PA F 46 50:01
11 Jim Sellmer Port Matilda PA M 61 52:22
12 Brent McNeal Huntingdon PA M 42 53:56
13 Alan Effrig State College PA M 43 54:47
14 Crystal McNeal Huntingdon PA F 40 55:00
15 John Messner State College PA M 55 56:21
16 Katie Dry Boalsbug PA F 37 56:48
17 Tim Doberstein Port Matilda PA M 43 56:48
18 Jeff Schiesler Port Matilda PA M 67 57:44
19 Stephen McFall Centre Hall PA M 34 1:00:37
20 Carolyn Triozzi State College PA F 46 1:02:01
21 Haroula Tzamaras State College PA F 26 1:10:22
22 Brian Brown Lewisburg PA M 48 1:12:26
23 Marvin Hall State College PA M 67 1:15:23


Tussey Teaser 1: Laurel Run Switchbacker 10k

Temperatures in the mid-thirties and strong winds greeted runners on Bear Meadows Road as skiers zigzagged down the slopes behind the lodge at Tussey Mountain. The route had been bone dry earlier this week, but – almost a race tradition – runners had slush and some ice to traverse this year.

Caeden Smith took the overall win, with Arvind Gupta placing second and Cam Mallett third. Kaylee Frederick won the women’s category, with Crystal McNeal in second and Becky Brigman in third. 

Several runners bettered their times from last year’s icy foray. Brent McNeal took 42 seconds off, Crystal McNeal took 25 seconds off, Jeff Schiesler took 5½ minutes off, and Brian Brown took 11 minutes off.

One runner brought used shoes for Sneakers4Good and $50 in donations were made to the Tussey Mountainback’s 2023 event beneficiary, Nittany Greyhounds. Thank you!

Thanks to Doan’s Bones and Webster’s Café for random prizes. Kudos to Daniel Shevock, who took the chance and traded his planned training run for this race.

Follow his account of the adventure: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QXS5y3NjzL4

Those who run Tussey Teasers #1 through #5 (February’s Teaser #0 was a bonus) will received a special prize and be eligible for a grand prize. The winner will be drawn on June 18 immediately after Teaser #5, the Eager Seeger Half Marathon. 

The next Tussey Teaser, on April 16, is the Tussey-to-Whipple 11 Miler, run on Legs 1 through 3 of the original Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK course. Since this is a point-to-point run starting at Tussey Mountain, we encourage runners to arrange for post-race transportation from the finish at the beach road at Whipple Dam State Park.

Runners are encouraged to bring their gently used running shoes to be collected at each run for a program called Sneakers4Good that supports micro-entrepreneurs in communities and countries
around the world. 

For more information about Nittany Greyhounds, visit https://www.tusseymountainback.com/beneficiary

For details, driving directions and waiver forms for the 4 remaining Tussey Teasers, visit http://www.tusseymountainback.com/tussey_teasers.html. We hope to see you there – just for the
hill of it!


 LRS2023 Start Grp

Runners line up for the start of the race.

LRS2023 Winners

Kaylee Frederick and Caeden Smith took top honors in the women’s and men’s categories.

LRS2023 Marks First Race

Deciding to go for it just 25 minutes before start time, Jordan DeVault ran her first-ever 10K today.

LRS2023 Leader

Caeden Smith cruises the homestretch in the final switchback on Lauren Run Road.

LRS2023 Jordans first 10K

Mark Burgan reaches the finish line in his first race ever. What a beginning!


Pl First Last Gen Age Town State Time  
1 Caeden Smith M 22 State College PA 42:30:00  
2 Arvind Gupta M 27 State College PA 47:44:00  
3 Cam Mallett M 25 State College PA 49:03:00  
4 Kaylee Frederick F 18 Johnstown PA 55:18:00  
5 Doug Doren M 67 State College PA 57:21:00  
6 Shane Newhouser M 39 Port Matilda PA 58:07:00  
7 Brent McNeal M 42 Huntingdon PA 59:07:00 42sec
8 Crystal McNeal F 40 Huntingdon PA 59:22:00 25sec
9 John Messner M 55 State College PA 59:41:00  
10 Becky Brigman F 35 State College PA 1:00:31  
11 Paul Brigman M 40 State College PA 1:02:39  
12 Lauren Katch F 23 State College PA 1:03:11  
13 Jeff Schiesler M 67 Port Matilda PA 1:04:16 5min32
14 Georgetta Frederick F 41 Johnstown PA 1:11:49  
15 Jordan DeVault F 25 State College PA 1:18:01  
16 Mark Burgan M   Johnstown PA 1:18:06  
17 Daniel Shevock M 47 State College PA 1:25:31  
18 Brian Brown M 48 Lewisburg PA 1:25:49