"Incredible event! Congratulations. The relay runners cheering for the ultras, at the transition zones, and even as they passed us on hills, was wonderful and gave me a boost every time. Their enthusiasm, especially at the 10-11 zone, was a thrill and a lift as good as anything I can remember in 40 years of running."

- Jon Schmeyer, MD


"First off, I'd like to say thank you for all that you did for me and Anne. Your race for me, win or lose, was top notch, and we had a great time. I just went online this morning to make a donation to the fund. What is unusual about this course is that it is beautiful and has great scenery throughout, which is something you usually just see in trail races. I think it makes a great National Championship course because it has a great venue (start/finish area), aid stations are perfectly placed, the course was well marked, the course itself is a true test of speed and stamina, and it is well directed with great attention to detail."

- Mark Lundblad, 2007 National Champion


"Thank you for putting on such a terrific race, and especially for the hospitality you showed to both Mark and me. I really enjoyed the entire experience -- the course was challenging, peaceful, and scenic; the aid station volunteers were helpful and encouraging; and the pre-race and post-race festivities were fun and well organized. I also really appreciated all of the information that was included on the website; it gave us an opportunity to learn about the course and have a sense of what we were getting into, beforehand. In short, you and your volunteers did an outstanding job. It was great to meet you and I sincerely hope that we'll be able to return to defend our titles next October."

-Anne Lundblad, 2007 National Champion


"Again, thanks for your hard work and all of the effort of your volunteers. I came away with a deep appreciation for what you all do to make a difficult race so much fun to be at."

-Roy Pirrung, 2007 National Masters Champion


"People keep laughing at me when I tell them it was all so wonderful. I honestly couldn't have asked for a better experience. This was my first ultra and I didn't know what was going to be ahead of me, but what a blessing it turned out to be. Hats off to everyone involved and hold your heads high, you did a great job."

-Bo Marchionte


"It was a blast, definitely the most fun race I've ever run."

-George Lesieutre


"Always a blast! The aid stations and all the volunteers are so helpful. When the day comes I can't run, I'll volunteer. I want to be as helpful to someone as they have been to me. Thanks for another fun year. I hope to run for my sixth time next year!"

-Warren Renninger


"This is really a wonderful, unique event. You've done a great job in organizing it. Thanks for a really fun day in a beautiful setting."

-Elaine McDonnell


"This was overall a wonderful event. It was almost perfectly organized, the volunteers were great, the course was challenging and rewarding, and the camaraderie and competition were unlike any I've experienced before."

-Shaun Wood


"Tussey continues to be one of my favorite weekends of the year!"

-Michele Pendrak Bush


"I thought the run and the support was great."

-Tony Mauro


"It was a wonderful weekend, making new friends at the pre-race meal, and the post race festivities. We got to walk in the parking lot and talk. It was great! Excellent breakfast at the Autoport Sunday! Loved the race. I already wrote about the wonderful transition zones where the relay runners cheered so enthusiastically for us ultrarunners. There were just the right number of aid stations, and the beverages were perfect. Pre-race dinner was perfect."

-Jon Schmeyer


"I attended the pre-race dinner and enjoyed it immensely. This was my first ultra, and I was alone and far from home, so it gave me some camaraderie, I was able to talk to other racers, and even volunteered to give another racer a ride to the race in the morning so he could let his family sleep in. Dinner was good and reasonably priced. Thoroughly enjoyed the event. Your volunteers were the best. At mile T9 I was really struggling. I sat on the bench for about 30 minutes and at least 3 volunteers came over on separate occasions to ask how I was doing, if I was ok, and if I needed anything. Awesome!!! I hope to be a repeat (and faster) participant, and hope to bring some other racers and a crew!"

-Robb Fort


"Boy someone likes their hills, wow. I was very surprised how well everything fell together, great job with the organization, it was a nice run. Great cause, keep up the great work you are doing. I am very proud that my first ultra was at Tussey Mountain, you should be proud of yourselves for putting on a nice event. Thank you Mike and to all the volunteers..."

-Phil Barletto


"Nice course, wonderful volunteers, great time."

-Michael Wunsch


"I'll be back !!!!"

-Donna Utakis




"Thanks for putting on a terrific ultra. Tussey Mountainback 50 Mile is as professional and personal an event as any runner could hope for. The web site, the pre-dinner, the aid stations, and the after party were all wonderful. The course is challenging, but mostly runnable. The scenery was beautiful with the leaves changing. Thanks again for a memorable event."


- Nathan Echols
2006 Men's Open Ultramarathon Champion - Sparta, NJ




"Thank you once again for a wonderful event. I can't say enough about the beauty of the course and the excellence of the volunteers. Having the relay going on at the same time and the crowd support as you go through the transition zones is the best part . . . all of which I remembered from last year and what made me want to come back this year and what will bring me back next year. Thanks!"


- Chris Reynolds
2006 Women's Open Ultramarathon Champion - Newfield, NY




"Congratulations to you for a wonderfully organized and fun race. The running was absolutely spectacular and I enjoyed every mile of your beautiful course. The support we got from relay runners and their crew was awesome! I'll see you next year."


- Sharon Holsinger
Indiana, PA




"Thanks for putting on a great event. We had a blast. Please communicate our thanks to all your associates."


- Gary Gudlin and Victory in Da Feet
Jamesville, NY




"My husband and I ran the race as part of the "BBRC - Boalsburg/Bellefonte Running Club". We had a fabulous time, loved the course and can't wait to be part of the event next year. We have concluded, however, that we need to run more hills in Frederick, MD - where we currently live! Thanks so much for such a motivating and challenging day!"


- Christina and John McKeever
Frederick, MD




"The 8 man Dudes team and my 5 girl Chicks team all stayed Fri night at the Ramada. Then 8 of the 13 runners opted to stay Sat night as well and enjoy the PSU nightlife. We had such a great time that those who left are already planning on staying the extra night next year. Thanks!"


- Erin Boyle
New York, NY




"Great race. You guys put on a great event. See you next year."


- Lou Palumbo
Collegeville, PA




"Thank you and all your volunteers for putting on a fantastic ultramarathon. Though I thought I would be lonely with fewer than 50 ultramarthoners, the presence of the relay teams and the incredible volunteers and aid stations made me feel supported all the way. The course was incredibly beautiful, well marked and more challenging than I suspected. Finishing second in the women's race and winning some prize money were secondary to a great day in the mountains and a 50 mile PR. I hope to be back next year and I am encouraging my friends who run to get together for the relay. I know staging such an event is hard work, but it is certainly appreciated. All of your efforts were apparent in the seamless nature of the day. Thanks again! "


- Alisa Farrington
Mercersburg, PA




"Thanks for a great race. I can honestly say that there is not one facet of the race that I think you can improve. The volunteers, aid stations, course (and markings) were perfect. See you in 2007."


- Roger Claussen
Manassas, VA




"Great job the whole way around! I was honored to have been involved. Let me know if you want to do it again NEXT YEAR!? Either way, I will be there with the Escapees!"


- Thomas King Kistler
Judge - Bellefonte, PA




"Job well done on putting together the race. This was my first Mountainback in addition to my first race ever. I had a great time. I can't wait for next year. "


- Bryan Henry
State College, PA




"Team Sore Quads has already made plans to attend next year! I can speak for all of our team members when I say that your race was one of the most enjoyable exercising experiences we've had! Great volunteers, scenery, t-shirts and course. Your organizational skills should be commended! Thank you!"


- Christen Ditzler
Head Women's Basketball/Softball Coach and Senior Women's Administrator Lycoming College - Williamsport, PA




"Thanks again for hosting such a great event. It was the perfect day to run a great course! The race was planned very well. It was my first 50 and I plan to do it again next year."


- Mary Siegel
Brookville, PA




"I just want to thank you and your team for organizing an incredible event. Everything about this race is 'over the top': the volunteers, the scenery, the aid stations, the course . . . .everything. I wished I lived closer so that I could run those roads on a regular basis."


- Glenn Butcher
Short Hills, NJ




"Good job in staging the race and kudos to all the aid stations volunteers. They made the difference! And the relay runners are very supportive to us, ultrarunners. I had a great time and a PR too!"


- Ed Angso
Manalapan, NJ




"I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy this race. It is actually one of the races that I enjoy the most and certainly have the most fun. Congratulations on "giving birth" to this race and now watching it grow into the huge success it has become. It is no longer just a local race but a race that people around the country want to do. Congratulations and Thanks,"


- Marvin H. Hall
State College, PA




"Thank you again for a very well organized race event."


- Allen Ripke
Syracuse, NY




"We loved the race, the runs were awesome! It was the first time our group have ever experienced a relay race. I absolutely would recommend it to everyone. It was very organized, routes were marked clearly, and scenic view was breathtaking. We loved the other groups of people - so fun and happy! I can't wait until next year, will plan to come for the whole weekend, definitely! Thank you for everything."


- Carol Donahey
Cranberry, PA




"AWESOME. Carol, Laurie and I have run tons of races but what a FUN change - I loved the relay part of the day - lots and lots of FUN. GREAT EVENT!!!"


- Wendy Moon
Oil City, PA




"Another year and another great event! This past weekend was my third time participating in the Tussey Mountainback and each year it seems to get bigger and more fun. My girlfriend also ran. It was her first time and she had a great time also. Keep up the great work."


- Brian J. Clark
Philadelphia, PA




"Twenty-eight hilly miles ended up being such an adventure! Thank you so much for coordinating it. I'd love to be back next year."


- Meredith Freimer
New York City




"Thanks to everyone for another exciting day at Tussey! The Ultra stations were well stocked and the people there very friendly and encouraging. Everyone giving directions or other assistance were helpful and courteous. Thanks for all the effort in organizing the race. I didn't do my usual time, had a power failure for an hour, but I got recharged and finished strong. Have to do better next year. My goal is to have fun and finish. Both were accomplished! Thanks to all involved!"


- Warren Renninger
Muncy Valley, PA




"I want to thank you for putting on an excellent race. I enjoyed the pre and post-race activities as well as the course and aid stations. Thanks for all of the work with this race. I really appreciate it."


- Dennis Fugate
Ellicott City, MD