Mileage: 2.9 miles (Running Total 35.0)    
Difficulty: Moderate
Topography: Gently rolling with some moderate climbs.
Description: Heading right on paved Stone Creek Road, in a short time the course comes to a fork (2.0 mi.), turning left onto gravel and heading toward Penn Roosevelt camping area. After a slight uphill, the road turns downhill and passes a pleasant vista on the left, then heads past the first entrance into the camping area, at that point bearing left and crossing a bridge and a babbling brook. In no time the course arrives at the central picnic area and Transition Zone #9, where a picturesque mountain pond and picnic tables create a serene scene.
Transition Zone 9: Penn Roosevelt State Park. Parking is on the right-hand side, beyond the TZ zone; handoff on the left. Rest rooms available.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: