3.7 miles (Running Total 27.8)

Image of the finish line of  Leg #7  
Difficulty: Easy
Topography: Rolling, then a mildly challenging climb a mile-and-half in, followed by a steep downhill.
Description: Moving out of Greenwood fire tower area, there is a beautiful vista to the left at 1.1 miles. Another 0.7 miles later, turn left onto Kettle Road. Over the next 1.1 miles, the road will first slope downward and then up to a ridge. The last 0.8 miles is a steep downhill to the TZ.
Transition Zone 7: Intersection of Kettle Road and Cooper’s Gap Road.  Parking is on the left side, beyond the TZ zone; handoffs on the right.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: