Mileage: 3.4 miles (Running Total 20.0) Image of the finish line of Leg #5. Leg #5 finishes off to the left.  
Difficulty: Easy
Topography: All downhill or flat.
Description: Leg #5 starts off on mostly shaded loose and packed gravel, past vistas on the right, passing by Gettis Ridge Camp on the right, meeting up with Bear Meadows Road (2.2 mi.). Turn right on Bear Meadows Road and continue for about a mile, making a left onto paved Stone Creek Road (3.35 mi.). Just ahead is the Alan Seeger Picnic Area. Bear left into the parking lot, where Transition Zone #5 awaits.
Transition Zone 5: Alan Seeger Picnic Area. Parking is in the Alan Seeger parking lot, beyond the TZ zone. Vehicles should pull in and park as far from the road as possible; handoffs are in the parking lot, on the side near the road. Picnic area, pavilion, rest rooms, good spectator zone. A tub of bottled water for runners will be located in the pavilion.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: