5.6 miles (Running Total 16.6)

Finish line of Leg #4  
Difficulty: Difficult
Topography: Gently rolling, with several long hills.
Description: This leg begins with views of Whipple Lake, exiting the park at the entrance that ended Leg 3. Runners turn right onto Laurel Run Road, then turn left onto Greenlee Road (0.55 mi.), entering a section of rolling hills on packed gravel. At 3.1 miles, bear right onto Beidelheimer Road, ascending a mile-long hill and continuing on gently rolling hills up to the transition zone of Beidelheimer and Gettis Ridge Road.
Transition Zone 4: At intersection of Beidelheimer Road and Gettis Ridge Road. Parking is on the right side, beyond the TZ zone; handoff is on the left side at the intersection.

Topo Map:


Elevation Profile: