Mileage: 4.0 miles (Running Total 7.2) Image of part of Leg #3  
Difficulty: Easy
Topography: Downhill to level; gravel.
Description: Beginning at the crest of the hill, Leg #2 rolls downhill past the Fleet Foot Hunting Club (.45 mi.) and Laurel Run Camp (1.1 mi.), both on the right. At the bottom of the hill (1.2 mi.) you will pass Bear Gap Road on the left. Pass Sand Spring Camp and a meandering brook on the right, and go through fern fields as you pass Wildcat Gap Trail. Continue past Bard Gun Club on the left (3.45 mi.) and several cabins to the right and left (3.8 mi.) before coming to the intersection of Laurel Run Road and Pine Swamp Road (on right).
Transition Zone 2: At the intersection of Laurel Run and Pine Swamp Road. Parking is on Laurel Run Road on the right-hand side, beyond the TZ zone. Hand-off is on left side of Laurel Run Road, opposite bridge to Pine Swamp Road.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: