Mileage: 3.2 miles (Running Total 3.2) Image of a switchback on Leg #1  
Difficulty: Difficult
Topography: Mostly gently climbing, with some steep ascents.
Description: Leg #1 breaks from the Start Line on a slight downhill, on paved Bear Meadows Road. At bridge #1, the uphill begins. As you pass the stream along the right-hand side, you will traverse bridge #2, continue uphill and turn right onto Laurel Run Road (at 0.7 mi.), crossing bridge #3. At this point the road becomes packed gravel. Continue climbing to switchback #1. Switchback #2 occurs at 3.1 miles; only 0.2 miles to TZ 1, at the crest of Laurel Run Road and the intersection of Mid-State Trail.
Transition Zone 1: At the crest of Laurel Run, at intersection with Mid-State Trail. Parking is on the right-hand side beyond the TZ zone; first vehicle must pull forward to the orange stake, others file in directly behind. Runners will hand-off on the left.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: