Weather is always nice for the Mountainback, and it hardly ever rains. Only two past race days have any measurable precipitation, and only one during a time when anyone was running (2004, late afternoon). Mornings are usually cool, but it has never been cold. Midday temperatures have been pretty warm some years (see 2007 for example), but the forested course keeps conditions milder than you might guess from the temperatures reported here. One year dry conditions and high winds made the course moderately dusty (2005), but that has not been a significant issue other years. The forested setting keeps the race course from becoming too windy even on gusty days (2005, 2010). Dewy mornings and beautiful mists awaiting the early racers are, fortunately, fairly common (2003, 2005, 2009). And the leaf colors (no data shown here - you'll have to believe us) are typically spectacular. Comfortable temperatures almost always await the finishers - great conditions for a sandwich and massage as you wait for your friends to cross the line! - Ken Davis, Professor of Meteorology, Penn State University

The following are a summary of the weather on each day of the race (starting at local midnight and using military time):

  • The red line marks the hourly temperature values from midnight on Saturday (hr 1) until midnight on Sunday (hour 25)
  • The green line denotes the hourly dew point reading
  • The purple (or cyan) line denotes the hourly wind speed in miles per hour. When a cyan line is shown (2004 and 2009), precipitation occurred on those dates and is seen by a large purple X or square along the abscissa.
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The following shows the average conditions for this year's race (October 23, 2011) based on the past 60 years of weather on that date:

  • Precipitation has fallen 30-40% of the time on the dates 22-24 October.

The frequency and amount of rainfall on October 22-23-24 are seen below:

Data and analysis courtesy of the Pennsylvania State Climate Office, Penn State University