Mileage: 4.0 miles (Running Total 7.2) Image of part of Leg #3  
Difficulty: Hard
Topography: Steady climb
Description: Continuing on Laurel Run Road, this entire leg is the long, final climb of the course, starting off as a moderate climb and finishing with steeper grades. You’ll pass Bard Gun Club on the right (0.5 mi.) and Sand Spring Camp and a meandering brook on the left (2.5 mi.). You pass Bear Gap Road on your right (2.8 mi.), and this is where the slope picks up. You’ll make a sweeping left around Laurel Run Camp (3.0 mi.), and pass Little Flat Tower Road on your right (3.9 mi.) as you’re making the final push. The TZ is at the crest of the hill at the intersection with the gated Little Shingletown Road.
Transition Zone 11: At the crest of Laurel Run, at intersection with Mid-State Trail. Parking is on the right-hand side beyond the TZ zone; first vehicle must pull forward to the orange stake, others file in directly behind. Runners will hand-off on the left.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: