You can make a donation to support Nittany Greyhounds using the details below, online, by mail, or at any of our Tussey Teaser Series races (Feb. 4 through June 18), at the Discovery Training Series runs (Aug. 26 through Oct. 14), and during the 50-Mile/50K/Relay weekend Oct. 21-22. Thank you!

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 When racing greyhounds are no longer competitive, or after injury, they are “retired,” and moved to greyhound adoption groups.  Since 1997, Nittany Greyhounds has been working with the racing industry to evaluate, rehabilitate, and rehome these dogs. This process can require spay/neuter, injury treatments, behavioral assessments and training. 

Nittany Greyhounds’ missions are to place retired racing greyhounds into forever homes, and to promote better relationships between people and dogs through educational programs and events. The nonprofit’s regional network of volunteers, with its kennel and organizational base located in Centre County, has rehomed nearly 2,000 greyhounds, provided educational workshops and talks, served as a location for student groups to volunteer, and provided a work space for challenged individuals through the ARC of Centre County. 

How we do it:

Once the dogs are released for adoption, potential adopters are invited to meet the dogs, complete the interview, and get approved to take their dog home. Nittany Greyhounds provides ongoing support to adopters with behavioral and nutritional consultations, and additional veterinary care if needed.

The Injured Dog Program provides veterinary care for retiring racing greyhounds with more serious injuries such as broken legs, muscle injuries and neck injuries. This is a more involved process with frequent vet visits for cast changes, surgery, or other treatments.

As a member of the international greyhound movement, Nittany Greyhounds also receives retired racing greyhounds from Ireland, and is now in talks with Australian officials to receive their dogs.

Nittany Greyhounds provides many educational and community outreach events to raise awareness about greyhounds.


You will support Nittany Greyhounds’ work when you register for this year’s October event. You can also make a direct donation and invite friends and family to join in!

Make a donation now at or donate by check, payable to “MTB50” and mailed to 103 E. Hamilton Ave., State College, PA 16801. 
Thank you!