Roster information for the 2018 mOUnTaiNBACK

48 Ultras  +  37 Relay Teams - Updated September 17, 2018

Note: Please allow several days for names and teams to appear on this roster.  Complete registrations (which means no missing information or forms) are listed first. Runners needing to provide, for example, support type or emergency contact information, and teams who have missing runner or rotation forms, will be listed in red

Relay registration is limited to the first 140 completely registered teams. Registration will close when the cap is reached (no later than September 23rd). No team registrations will be accepted after that time.

  1. Anderson, Paige, Ithaca, NY (A)
  2. Balliet, Lacey, Milton, PA (D)
  3. Cusick, Kathleen, Indian Harbour Beach, FL (D)
  4. Douglas, Jennifer, Akron, OH (D)
  5. Korzeniewski, Emily, Boyds, MD (D)
  6. Pesco Koplowitz, Luana, Plainville, NY (D)
  7. Pighetti-Marshall, Amanda, Warriors Mark, PA (A)
  8. Pringle, Elizabeth, State College, PA (D)
  9. Reinhart, Laurie, Cooperburg, PA (D)
  10. Stemple, Danielle, State College, PA (V)
  11. Triozzi, Carolyn, State College, PA (D)
  1. Ayers, James, Williamsport, PA (D)
  2. Brewster, Will, Charlotte, NC (A)
  3. Corcoran, Matthew, Langhorne, PA (A)
  4. DeGroote, David, State College, PA (D)
  5. Ferrari, Scott, pittsburgh, PA (D)
  6. Forney, Tristin, Williampsort, PA (D)
  7. Fultz, David, Exeter, PA (D)
  8. Goss, Zac, Casselberry, FL (A)
  9. Halke, Donald, Newport, PA (A)
  10. Hernandez, Andres, Downingtown, PA (D)
  11. Hoch, Christian, Langhorne, PA (A)
  12. Jaffa, Nicholas, State College, PA (V)
  13. Kaub, Steve, Houston, TX (A)
  14. Knepper, Darrin, Mechanicsburg, PA (D)
  15. Lemmon, Scott, Mt Holly Springs, PA (A)
  16. LoBianco, Stephen, york haven, PA (D)
  17. Loftin, Robert, Allentown, PA (D)
  18. Malkin, Joel, Alexandria, VA (A)
  19. Marley, James, Stafford, VA (D)
  20. McCartan, Denis, Hioney Brook, PA (D)
  21. Moseley, Duke, Houston, TX (A)
  22. Mukherjee, Amitava, Pittsburgh, PA (D)
  23. Ornelas, Zachary, Plymouth, MI (D)
  24. Phillips, David, Virginia Beach, VA (D)
  25. Pirrung, Roy, Plymouth, WI (A)
  26. Pringle, John, State College, PA (D)
  27. Renz, Michael, State College, PA (D)
  28. Rosser, Brian, Orangeville, PA (A)
  29. Schunk, Doug, State College, PA (D)
  30. Schwartz, Zachary, Alexandria, VA (D)
  31. Tatusko, Andrew, Bellefonte, PA (D)
  32. Thompson, Mark, Iowa City, IA (D)
  33. Vivian, William, Alexandria, VA (D)
  34. Weaver Jr, John, Altoona, PA (D)
  35. Woodhead, Michael, Harrison City, PA (A)
  36. Zink, Dan, Hastings on Hudson, NY (V)

Key: Support Type: (A) - Aid Stations, (D) - Drop Bags, (V) - Vehicle


Relay Teams
 Team NameRunner #Runner Name
1.Agronauts0Burton, Amanda
 0Fleishman, Suzanne
 0Persico, Meredith

2.Alexanders and the great amazing team0Alexander, Cynthia
 0Cessna, Christopher
 0Alexander, Jacob

3.Appalachian Ghost Panthers
   (5 runners need to register)
0Mahoney, Monica

4.Bacon Bits
   (4 runners need to register)
0Egli, Brian

5.Deep Six Racing0Guerino, Gianna
 0Lanagan, Matt
 0Koubek, Rick
 0Lackey, Greg
 0Kisenwether, Matthew
 0Cerroni-Pepe, Danielle

6.Fit After Fifty1Hilliard, Mary
 2Harrison, Teresa
 3Moen, William
 4Moen, Maryellen
 5Hilliard, Mark
 6Monahan, Mark

7.Hill Doctors
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Kumar, Manish
 0Janik, Michael

8.I have to run AND come up with a team name?
   (5 runners need to register)
0Seiler, Chris

9.I'M HUNGRY!1Borst, Christine
 2Thompson, Kayla
 3Borst, David
 4Prokop, Amy

10.Jimmy's Choos (L)0Moulds, Krista
 0Tirko, Natasha
 0Modzeski, Mara
 0Moulds, Allan

11.Jimmy's Choos (R)0Agresto, Vincent
 0Modzeski, Scott
 0Proska, Cheryl
 0Hasselstrom, Sherman
 0Proska, Bryan
 0Chatlos, Colleen

12.Kilty Pleasures0Heim, Benjamin
 0Krebs, Andrew
 0Hochstetler, Doug
 0Lally, Richard

   (1 runner needs to register)
0Kisenwether, Jim
 0Kisenwether, Liz
 0Goldfine, Michael
 0Myers, Jim
 0Kisenwether, Katie

14.Leggy Vines0Masip Ano, Rodrigo
 0Stefani Fae, Giovani
 0Egan, Elizabeth
 0Hall, Marvin
 0Connolly, Erin
 0Borrelli, Kristy

15.MilliporeSigma1Wenrick, Forrest
 2Price, Candace
 3Adams, Ryan
 4Barrey, Emily
 5Smith, Todd
 6Campbell, Barry

16.Nittany's Finest
   (7 runners need to register)
0O'Connor, Michelle

17.NittanyG«÷s Finest
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Coons, Daniel
 0OG«÷Connor, Michelle
 0Evans, Mark
 0Ski, J
 0Kelley, Ryan
 0Noel, Sean M
 0Moore, Kyle

18.NowHere We Go0Leone, Geno
 0MILLER, Craig

19.Omega Block0Harrington, Jerry
 0Hartman, Christopher
 0Murdzek, Shawn
 0Santellanes, Sean
 0Nystrom, Robert
 0Dennis, Lauren

20.Oregon East
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Scalzone, Michael
 0Everett, Garth
 0Parsons, Kris

21.Oregon East 20Martens, Katelyn
 0Dohle, Mark
 0Martens, William
 0Miller, Emily

22.Parke Diem
   (4 runners need to register)
0Rummler, Lucy
 0Rice, Will
 0Benedetti, Adrian
 0Hendricks, Leslie

23.PerSISTERs0Ellis, Jeany
 0Velegol, Stephanie
 0Dyrda, Katia
 0Ellis, Maggie
 0Kaufman, Kristie

24.Push It Down!!
   (2 runners need to register)
0Popowicz, Matthew
 0Walker, Tyler
 0Shank, Emily
 0Shank, Matthew

25.Rabies Awareness Pro-Am Fun Run Race for the Cure
   (4 runners need to register)
0Rovansek, Ronald

26.Return of the Avocados0Ryan, Bernie
 0Klanchar, Marty
 0Bondurant, Sally
 0Jaffe, Lynn
 0Kernfeld, Barry D
 0Timmerman, Teresa

27.Running Roots0McConnell, Curt
 0Montes, Felipe
 0Harpster, Tracey
 0Duque, Luis
 0Gover, Art
 0Sellmer, Jim

28.Safety Third
   (2 runners need to register)
0Proctor, HJay

29.Scrambled Legs0Horne, Rachel
 0Lanager, Abby
 0Burns, Marc
 0Medina, Melanie
 0Hoover, Derek
 0Toothman, Garrett

30.Team Cattle Drive
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Hirthler, Mike
 0Marsden, Thomas
 0Nichols, Thomas

31.The Old Men of the Mountains0Jech, Paula
 0Liadis, Stephen
 0Gasche, Arnold
 0Knepley, John
 0Etzweiler, George
 0Maynard, Julian
 0Dvorsky, Robert
 0Woodruff, Harold

32.The Replacements
   (2 runners need to register)
0Gornick, Alex
 0Kerr, Tyler

33.The Rhabdo Runners0Carey, Michaella
 0Bridenbaugh, Eric
 0Ewald, Becca
 0Magurno III, James
 0Prosser, Steven
 0Wagner, Evan

34.The Yellow Rubber Ducks0Aneckstein, Kristina
 0Glick, Bryan
 0Speer, Cameron
 0Battaglia, Sara Beth
 0Smith, Becky
 0Domiano, Michael

35.TJ and the Trainers
   (2 runners need to register)
0Patterson, TJ
 0Alexander, Sam

36.We Thought They Said Rum
   (2 runners need to register)
0Swope, Alicia
 0Swope, Michelle
 0Wetherington, Max
 0Lord-Wetherington, Steph
 0Puhlman, Lindsay

37.Worst Bonding Exercise0Michaels, Jason
 0Pflugfelder, Andrew
 0Schall, John
 0Rankin, Lucas
 0Rossman, Scott
 0Gordon, Nathan
 0Harpster, Chad
 0Hebdon, Jacob


If you have any questions, please contact  Please keep in mind that relay registrations are capped at the first 140 teams with COMPLETED registrations.