Roster information for the 2017 mOUnTaiNBACK

63 Ultras  +  45 Relay Teams - Updated September 19, 2017

Note: Please allow several days for names and teams to appear on this roster.  Complete registrations (which means no missing information or forms) are listed first. Runners needing to provide, for example, support type or emergency contact information, and teams who have missing runner or rotation forms, will be listed in red

Relay registration is limited to the first 140 completely registered teams. Registration will close when the cap is reached (no later than September 24th). No team registrations will be accepted after that time.

  1. Auth, Kimberly, Pittsburgh, PA (D)
  2. Casale, Eva, Glen Cove, NY (D)
  3. Cavicchio, Katie, State College, PA (A)
  4. Clune, P, Toronto, ON (A)
  5. Cusick, Kathleen, Indian Harbour Beach, FL (D)
  6. Eagleton, Sally, State College, PA (D)
  7. Febbraro, Amber, Royal Oak, MI (A)
  8. Gray, Claire, Lemont, PA (D)
  9. Howard, Elizabeth, San Antonio, TX (D)
  10. Kelsey, Barbara, Huntingdon, PA (D)
  11. Komesarook, Ellen, Washington DC, DC (A)
  12. Pringle, Elizabeth, State College, PA (D)
  13. Radtke, Monica, Carlisle, PA (D)
  14. Rainey, Margaret, Scranton, PA (V)
  15. Roche, Megan, Sunnyvale, CA (D)
  16. Smith, Robin, Mount Joy, PA (A)
  17. Vashro, Taylor, Stafford, VA (A)
  18. Wilson, Justyna, Fairless Hills, PA (A)
  19. Zielaski, Anna, Oakland, CA (D)
  1. Anthony, Matt, Downingtown, PA (V)
  2. Balerna, Rob, Pennington, NJ (D)
  3. Bartle, Andrew, Pittsburgh, PA (V)
  4. Berteletti, Dan, Golden, CO (D)
  5. Brown, Scott, Bristol, PA (V)
  6. Burling, Patrick, Newtown Square, PA (D)
  7. Dunlap, Scott, WOODSIDE, CA (D)
  8. Exline, Chris, Winston-Salem, NC (D)
  9. Ferrari, Scott, pittsburgh, PA (D)
  10. Flickinger, Nathan, Seattle, WA (D)
  11. Frost-Tift, Joel, Huntington Park, CA (A)
  12. Graham, Mike, Pittsburgh, PA (A)
  13. Guizard, Paul, ALISO VIEJO, CA (D)
  14. Halke, Donald, Newport, PA (A)
  15. Henderson, Timothy, Sayville, NY (A)
  16. Herrod, Jeff, New Alexandria, PA (A)
  17. Jaffa, Nicholas, State College, PA (V)
  18. Kaliakin, Dimitri, Landenberg, PA (A)
  19. Keifer, David, Dryden, NY (D)
  20. Kelsey, Brent, Huntingdon, PA (D)
  21. Komesarook, Russell, Washington DC, DC (A)
  22. Landry, Marc, Philadelphia, PA (A)
  23. Lewis, John, Winfield, PA (D)
  24. Litofsky, Josh, State College, PA (V)
  25. Loftin, Robert, Allentown, PA (D)
  26. Machalick, Gerard, White Haven, PA (D)
  27. McFarland, Larry, Virginia Beach, VA (V)
  28. Miner, James, Dryden, NY (D)
  29. Monte, Jason, Lansdale, PA (D)
  30. Pierce, Philip, Falmouth, ME (V)
  31. Pringle, John, State College, PA (D)
  32. Raulli, Chris, Manlius, NY (A)
  33. Renz, Michael, State College, PA (D)
  34. Robinson, Matthew, Mclean, VA (D)
  35. Roche, David, Sunnyvale, CA (D)
  36. Ryan, Mike, Strongsville, OH (D)
  37. Santella, Guido, Duncansville, PA (D)
  38. Schnurbusch, Joe, Virginia Beach, VA (A)
  39. Sexton, Gary, Youngstown, OH (D)
  40. Silver, Eric, State College, PA (V)
  41. Sutherland, Michael, Hellertown, PA (D)
  43. Truong, Timothy, State College, PA (D)
  44. Yip, Danny, Brooklyn, NY (D)

Key: Support Type: (A) - Aid Stations, (D) - Drop Bags, (V) - Vehicle


Relay Teams
 Team NameRunner #Runner Name
1.Alexanders' Terrible Horrible No Good Team
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Cessna, Christopher
 0Baron, Michael
 0Alexander, Cynthia
 0Alexander, Jacob

2.Appalachian Ghost Panthers
   (5 runners need to register)
0Mahoney, Monica

3.Bacon Bits
   (2 runners need to register)
0Egli, Brian
 0Houser, Kyle
 0Houser, Megan

4.Beer Runners0Marinari, Brian
 0Ippoliti, Stephen

5.Cattle Drive
   (3 runners need to register)
0Nichols, Daniel

6.Deep Six Racing1Koubek, Richard
 2Derrick, Mike
 3Beachler, Brian
 4Guerino, Gianna
 5Kisenwether, Matthew
 6Lackey, Greg

7.Do it for the Booty1Popp, Haley
 2Clancy, Kate
 3MacLellan, Mike

8.Endurance0Beidler, Udon
 0Silvius, Matthew

9.Father and Child Reunion
   (2 runners need to register)
0Cali, Tom
 0Bodner, Jackson
 0Bodner, Steven
 0Cali, Brian
 0Kwasnica, Marlee
 0Kwasnica, Anthony

10.Fight AND Flight0Turnham, Kira
 0Vasey, Charlie
 0Sandall, Emily
 0Treanore, Erin

11.I'm in for a leg0Moulds, Allan
 0Tirko, Natasha
 0Agresto, Vincent
 0Nolan, John
 0Proska, Cheryl
 0Moulds, Krista
 0Proska, Bryan
 0Chatlos, Colleen

12.Just For Fun0Schunk, Doug
 0Kennedy, Lincoln
 0Muir, Maggie
 0Swauger, Diane

13.Kisenwether+1Lesser, John
 2Kisenwether, Katie
 3Cunfer, Ron
 4Weinschenk, Jeff
 5Kisenwether, Jim
 6Tirko, Sherry

14.Kumar-Janik0Janik, Michael
 0Kumar, Manish

15.Los Perdidos
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Pennock, Matt

16.Muddy Runners A: Mountain Days with Mountain Baes
   (3 runners need to register)
0Debbeler, Bastian
 0McDonnell, Hannah
 0Campbell, Ellen
 0Brabec, Jeffrey
 0Paschal, Erin

17.Muddy Runners Team B
   (3 runners need to register)
0Kruse, Gerald
 0Ashcroft, Tristan
 0Westcott, Kathryn
 0Dunwoody, Philip
 0Gould, Gabriel

18.Muddy Runners Team C
   (4 runners need to register)
0Hsiung, David
 0Wang, Wei-Chung
 0Weldon, Rebecca

19.Muddy Runners Team D
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Thurston-Griswold, Henry
 0Mull, Ryan
 0Gordon, Jacob

20.NIttany 6
   (2 runners need to register)
1Abbott, Melissa
 3Abbott, Tim
 4Senz, Suzanne
 6Abbott, Daniel

21.Oregon East
   (1 runner needs to register)
0White, Randy
 0Mihalick, John
 0Martens, William

22.Oregon East 2
   (2 runners need to register)
0Bingaman, Bryann
 0Eisenhauer, Patrick

23.Other People's Problems
   (2 runners need to register)
0Bedsworth, Susan
 0Swisher, David
 0Fennessey, Larry
 0Phillips, Robert

24.Parke Diem
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Ramirez, Maria Jose
 0Zimmerman, William
 0Layland, Eric
 0Benedetti, Adrian
 0Rummler, Lucy
 0Cliette, B
 0Rice, Will

25.PerSISTERs0Gall, Heather
 0Velegol, Stephanie
 0Smithwick, Erica
 0Ellis, Maggie
 0Dyrda, Katia
 0Ellis, Jeanette

26.Plant Science - Electron Transport0Harpster, Tracey
 0Redder, Brian
 0Burton, Amanda
 0Szink, Ismaiel
 0Smith, Maria
 0Sellmer, Jim

27.Plant Science - PS I
   (1 too many runners registered)
0Knollenberg, Ben
 0Abersold, Lauren
 0Egan, Liz
 0Klodd, Annie
 0Huling, Andrew
 0Wiepz, Rebecca
 0Wodecki, Mary
 0Stephens, Cameron

28.Plant Science - PS II
   (2 too many runners registered)
0Borrelli, Kristy
 0Connolly, Erin
 0Fleishman, Suzanne
 0Hall, Marvin
 0Johnson, Jon
 0Hunter, Mitchell
 0Myer, Heidi

29.Run For Jared
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Hilands, Tom
 0Balkey, Steve
 0Clement, Ryan
 0Gilpatrick, Mike
 0Woodman, Greg

30.Run til it Hertz1OMeara, Bridget
 2Maxey, Claire
 3McIntyre, Sean
 4O'Meara, William

31.Running for a reason
   (1 runner needs to register)
0Effrig, Alan
 0Bresler, Evan
 0Ilgen, Adam

32.Running Mates0Baird, Steve
 0Triozzi, Carolyn

33.running to nowhere0Levy, Nicholas
 0Muthard, Ryan
 0Wiley, Trevor

34.Slow & Steady
   (5 runners need to register)
0Fabrizio, Lori

35.Smells Like Bedraggled Mountain Gypsies0Knapp, Mark
 0Kalinyak, Joseph
 0Werne, Ruth
 0Hrach, Catherine

36.Smells Like Team Spirit0Tomlin, Michelle
 0Tomlin, Harry
 0Gunning, Bryan
 0Gunning, Leigh
 0Tomlin, Scoty
 0Tomlin, Patrick

37.The Leftovers
   (5 runners need to register)
0Maranas, Costas
 0Niemann, Joel
 0Nelson, Martha

38.The Old Men of the Mountains0Keller, Edward
 0Knepley, John
 0Woodruff, Harold
 0Gasche, Arnold
 0Maynard, Jay
 0Liadis, Stephen
 1Etzweiler, Larry
 6Etzweiler, George

39.The Replacements
   (2 runners need to register)
0Kerr, Tyler
 0Geary, Tyler

40.The Toronto Too1Tonn, Christian
 2Laramee, Kim

41.The Yellow Rubber Ducks0Smith, Becky
 0Speer, Cameron
 0Clark, Chris
 0Grunwald, De
 0Aneckstein, Kristina
 0Domiano, Michael

42.They followed me here0Mort, Daniel
 0DiGilio, Julian
 0Wible, Adam
 0Adams, Joseph
 0Harshbarger, Ryan

43.Tri County Turtle Spinners
   (3 runners need to register)
4Ermol, Kevin

44.Whining Is For Babies0Frank, Ethan
 0Strouse, Kevin
 0Taylor, Stuart

45.Worst Pace Scenario0Rosevear, Scott
 0Grimes, Eric
 0Bhangdia, Darshan
 1Baylor, Chris
 2Winans, Larry


If you have any questions, please contact  Please keep in mind that relay registrations are capped at the first 140 teams with COMPLETED registrations.