I'm part of a relay team. Can I run my two legs consecutively, or are we required to follow the rotation order?

The rotation order is an absolute requirement: Each team must determine a sequential rotation order for the runners and provide that sequence along with the team's application forms. The order must be followed to the end and then be repeated in the same order through the 12 legs of the course. (For example, in a team of 6, after the first six legs of the course, the rotation returns to the runner who ran the first leg, who now runs leg 7, the second runner runs leg 8, and so on.) This is an aspect where team planning can be very useful. Since the legs vary in length and level of difficulty, your team may wish to chart out the legs and decide which person will run which leg(s). The number of people on the team will determine which and how many legs each runner will run. (See the examples on the last page.) The team rotation and mileage tables below present a breakout for each team size. At each transition zone (between legs of the course) an event official will verify the runner who is completing a leg and the runner who is starting the next leg.