2015 Mountainback Discovery Series


For runners interested in training on the Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK 50 Mile Relay and Ultramarathon course, or just some beautiful runs on rolling forest roads, this staged series of weekly runs covers the 12 legs of the relay, one or two at a time. The 8-week schedule is provided below. There are no trails on these runs or on the 50-mile race course.

Note: Changes were made to the course in 2013 - a key change is the removal of the section that ran along route 322. So if you're a veteran of the Discovery Series, you'll see some changes here as well. Our promise: more scenery and new challenges to talk about!

Runs are on Thursday evenings, and runners meet at the Tussey Mountain Ski Lodge parking lot and at other locations as noted below. Runs will begin at 6:00 p.m. the first three weeks and 5:30 p.m. the last five weeks. Note that for some of the runs you will need to be at the meeting point 20 minutes before the start time to allow for vehicle arrangements. Transportation to the run locations and back is coordinated by participants using available vehicles. Vehicles are key to getting to. or getting back to, the starting point for most weeks, so help out if you can. This will be explained at the first run (where vehicles are not needed).

* The Week 4 start time has been moved to 5:30 p.m. (1/2 hour earlier than last year) to allow more daylight time.

Go here for a flier on the Discovery Series. You can view a course map here or an elevation profile of each leg of the course here

For more information, contact Mike Casper at 814-238-5918 or email info@tusseymountainback.com.

Date Week#/Course
Distance/ Difficulty
Arrive By Start Time
Aug. 27 Wk 1: Leg #1 (3.2 x2)(6.4 - hard/mod.) TMSL 6:00 6:00
Sep. 3 Wk 2: Legs #2 & 3 (4+3.8)(7.8 - easy) WDSP 5:40 6:00
Sept. 10 Wk 3: Leg #4 & 5 (5.6+3.4)(9.0 - mod./easy) WDSP 6:00 6:00
Sept. 17 Wk 4: Legs #6 & 7 (4.1+3.7)(7.8 - hard/easy) ASNA 5:30 5:30
Sept. 24 Wk 5: Leg #8 & 9 (4.3+2.9)(7.2 easy/mod.) PRSP 5:10 5:30
Oct. 1 Wk 6: Legs #10 (5.5 - moderate) CL 5:10 5:30
Oct. 8 Wk 7: Leg #11 (5.3 - hard) CL 5:30 5:30
Oct. 15 Wk 8: Legs #12 (4 - easy) TMSL 5:10 5:30

Directions to Meeting Locations
TMSL = Tussey Mountain Ski Lodge – park in second (far) parking lot on left.

= Whipple Dam State Park parking lot – access via SR 26 south; after turning in the park driveway, take the first right.

ASNA = Alan Seeger Natural Area parking lot - access via US-322 east; turn right onto Bear Meadows Rd for 9.2 miles, left on Stone Creek Rd, immediate left into parking lot; OR access via SR-26 south; turn left onto Miller Rd, becomes Slate Hill Rd, becomes (left?) Alan Seeger Rd, becomes Stone Creek Rd (5.9 miles); left into parking lot just past Bear Meadows Rd.

= Penn Roosevelt State Park - access via SR 322 east, through Potters Mills, turn right onto Crowfield Rd. (at start of 4 lane) and travel 5.8 miles to the park (veer left at Crowfield & Boal Gap intersection).

CL = Colyer Lake - access via SR 322 east, turn right onto Taylor Hill Road (shortly after Shaner ball fields), right onto Church Hill Road, right on Bubb, right on Lake Road, follow to parking lot on right (park in back of lot).

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