5.6 miles (Running Total 16.6)

Image of finish line for Leg #9  
Difficulty: Moderate-Easy
Topography: Rolling with a couple long descents
Description: This leg is almost the same route as a 10K race held here in early May, The Sidewinder. You start with some rolling hills until climbing to a crest at 1.5 miles. You’ll then fly down a 1 mile descent on Beidelheimer Road to the intersection with Greenlee Road. Bear left onto Greenlee Road (2.5 mi.) and again the course will be rolling with a couple challenging but short climbs (crests at 3.5 & 4.5 miles), A half-mile descent takes you to the intersection of Laurel Run Road (5.0 mi.). Turn right and follow Laurel Run Road to the big wooden “Whipple Dam State Park” sign (5.4 mi.). Turn left here, go downhill about another 100 yards, and turn right, passing the beach on the left as you hit the TZ. Hey look! Brand new outhouses!
Transition Zone 9: Whipple Dam State Park. Parking is on the right, beyond the TZ zone; hand-off is on the left-hand side, past stone patio on left side. Restroom facilities, water, and spectator area with ample parking. Other amenities: Swimming, fishing.

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