Mileage: 4.1 miles (Running Total 24.1) Image of the finish line of Leg #7  
Difficulty: Easy (but hard on the knees)
Topography: Steep downhill to a flat finish
Description: Shortly after leaving the TZ, you’ll hit a small climb. Congratulations! You’ve hit the highest elevation of the course! However, in 4 miles you’ll be at nearly the lowest point on the course. This is leg is STEEP! Watch your footing. After an unrelenting plummet, the slope softens as you near a ‘T’ at Stone Creek Road (3.6 mi.). Make a left and follow a paved slightly-downhill cruiser to the TZ.
Transition Zone 7: Alan Seeger Picnic Area. Parking is in the Alan Seeger parking lot, beyond the TZ zone. Vehicles should pull in and park as far from the road as possible; handoffs are in the parking lot, on the side near the road. Picnic area, pavilion, rest rooms, good spectator zone.
Topo Map:
Elevation Profile: