Tussey mOUnTaiNBACK Beneficiary Program

We are grateful for the support of runners, sponsors, crews, families, volunteers and friends who have helped to make our event successful and memorable for thousands of new and veteran athletes.

Since the race's inception we have also sought to give back to the local community in a meaningful way by supporting the important work of locally based causes and initiatives, especially those that were just getting started or were not so well known. Thus far, the race has raised over $100,000 for outstanding nonprofit organizations that serve our local community.

If you know of a locally based nonprofit organization that would like to be considered for selection as an event beneficiary, you can submit an application using this form.

The mOUnTainBACK typically selects the event beneficiary more than one year ahead of the target event date so that organization can participate fully in the October race event preceding the start of their beneficiary year. The deadline to apply for consideration for the 2020 event is September 30, 2019.

We thank you for your continued interest and look forward to working and running with so many of you in the years to come!

Beneficiary History

2019 Race Beneficiary: Centre Volunteers in Medicine

2018 Race Beneficiary: Team Ream Foundation

2017 Race Beneficiary: Jana Marie Foundation

2016 Race Beneficiary: Jana Marie Foundation

2015 Race Beneficiary: Mid-State Literacy Council

2014 Race Beneficiary: Cancer Survivors Association

2013 Race Beneficiary: The House of Care

2012 Race Beneficiary: Tides

2011 Race Beneficiary: Bob Perks Cancer Assist­ance Fund

2010 Race Beneficiary: Housing Transitions Inc.

2009 Race Beneficiary: Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM)

2008 Race Beneficiary: Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM)

2007 Race Beneficiary: Colonel Gerald F. Russell Scholarship Fund

2006 Race Beneficiary: Center for Alternatives in Community Justice: Youth Aid Panel Program

2005 Race Beneficiary: The Jared Box Project.

2004 Race Beneficiary: Centre Hall Library

2002, 2003 Race Beneficiary: The State Theatre

2001 Race Beneficiary: Friends of Rothrock (Juniata Valley Audubon Society)

2000 Race Beneficiary: Pennsylvania Dance Theatre