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Centre Volunteers in Medicine is a free medical and dental clinic that provides access to primary and preventive care for individuals living in Centre County and those working in Centre County who live in surrounding counties that do not have a free clinic or programs to meet their needs. All patients must meet eligibility criteria. CVIM also provides referrals to specialists as necessary and makes referrals to other social services. 

Our History 

The first Volunteers in Medicine Clinic opened in Hilton Head, South Carolina, in 1991. Since then, many additional clinics have begun serving the uninsured and underinsured nationwide. The clinics are based on the help of volunteers, and provide a caring and compassionate medical home for those who do not qualify for medical assistance and are working without health care benefits. Efforts to establish a Volunteers in Medicine Clinic in Centre County, PA, began in February 2001. A group of local citizens led by Rev. Joe Faulkner got together to address the health care needs in our community. Centre Volunteers in Medicine (CVIM) was incorporated as a nonprofit organization on June 12, 2001. 

In February 2003, our clinic opened its doors to patients seeking medical care. This facility was located on Easterly Parkway in State College. Later that year, CVIM began its dental program using a mobile dental unit. The need for dental services was great, and in April 2005, an in-house dental clinic was opened. After a few years the demand for medical, dental, and other services, as well as the increasing number of volunteers providing services meant that CVIM outgrew its facilities. In December 2008, CVIM moved to its current location on Green Tech Drive in State College. With the move, CVIM gained more than 3,000 square feet of additional space, including more medical examination rooms and dental exam rooms. 

CVIM Today 

Today, CVIM is a community health resource center providing medical care, dental care, case management, and medication assistance to those without health insurance and whose household income is at or below 250% of the federal poverty level. CVIM serves those living in Centre County. We also offer our services for those who work in Centre County but live in neighboring counties without adequate medical care programs. 

Physicians, nurses, dentists, pharmacists, social workers, and other licensed clinicians volunteer their time to provide care to our patients. Additionally, we provide referrals to specialists as necessary and make referrals to other social services. In addition to the medical care we offer, CVIM provides lab appointments, medication check-ups, and patient education. At the same time, due to our relationships with other medical professionals in the area, many specialty doctors in our network are able to offer free or discounted services to our patients. 

CVIM’s volunteer medical staff include 27 physicians, 9 dentists, 17 nurses, a nurse practitioner and physical therapist. In fiscal year 2016-2017 CVIM provided 1,749 provider visits, 1,754 dental visits, 283 lab visits, filled 2,785 prescriptions. 

Your donation of any size will change lives. To support the vital work of CVIM, send a check today to “CVIM” and mail to: Centre Volunteers in Medicine, 2520 Green Tech Drive, Suite D, State College, PA 16803. You can also make a donation online here, or when you register for the race. 

Thank you!